Why Lead?

Whether your school’s student leadership is flourishing, emerging, or somewhere in-between, LEAD is for you!

As the premier national conference for student leaders and the educators who support them, LEAD provides opportunities for peer learning, expertise-sharing, and networking with some of the most incredible student leaders across the globe. You’ll walk away with the resources and skills to make a greater impact in your school, community, and beyond.

Our 2024 LEAD Conferences will bring a specific focus on:

Building connectionsBuilding connections

Building connections is an essential ingredient of effective leadership. LEAD provides you the opportunity to build a national network of support and resources that will help you achieve your goals and provide opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Expanding leadership skills Expanding leadership skills

Continual growth is necessary to be a successful leader. LEAD is centered on creating space and opportunities for students and advisers to gain actionable skills and resources to become more impactful leaders in their schools, communities, and beyond.

Amplifying student voice Amplifying student voice

Amplifying student voice is key to creating more equitable, inclusive, and student-centered communities. LEAD empowers students with skill-building opportunities while creating an open environment for them to offer valuable insight, fresh perspectives, and innovative ideas.

Leading through service Leading through service

Service, a cornerstone of leadership, is voluntarily giving your time and using your skills and talents for the benefit of the community and beyond. Serving others as individuals or in groups raises empathy and compassion toward those in need or crisis and creates lifelong habits of volunteering and active citizenship.

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